EU Invites Salim Alaradi’s family to raise case of tortured father in UAE

Announcement Date: October 15, 2015


Free Salim Alaradi Campaign

Press Release –October 14th, 2015


Salim Alaradi’s Family Invited by EU Parliament to Raise Case of Tortured Father in UAE

Canadian Citizen Detained in UAE for 412 Days

On October 13th, Marwa Alaradi, the eldest daughter of Salim Alaradi, and her family were invited and hosted by the EU Parliament, in Brussels, to come and raise their case with Members of Parliament. The delegation included Marwa, her siblings and several torture survivors of UAE secret prisons.

Several meetings with Members of Parliament from across parties were held. There was a surprising level of support across the board. The EU adopted a resolution onthe 26th of October 2012 regarding the deterioration of the human rights situation in the UAE. Members of Parliament were concerned that the ill-treatment and arbitrary detainment of Canadians, Americans and a French resident highlighted the deteriorating situation since their resolution was passed.vlcsnap-5993-11-08-23h00m26s241

Drewery Dyke from Amnesty International, Nicholas McGeehan from Human Rights Watch, and Ahmed Al-Gasir from Human Rights Solidarity, all research experts on the UAE, joined Marwa in the EU to shed light on the pattern of torture victims in the UAE.  Marwa, Drewery, Nicholas and Ahmed attended a round table human rights discussion on the EU Parliamentary TV streamed live to all Members of Parliament and broadcast and print media.

IMG_7307“This was a big step for me in my advocacy. Our family went to the UK, the UN in Geneva, and now the EU.  Being invited by the EU Parliament was a big deal for me. I asked MEPs to call on the UAE to release my father and there was lots of support in return. I only spoke the facts about the injustice that has taken place  and I am hoping the EU helps bring my father home. I will knock on every door until he does, “ says Marwa.


The families of the Libyan Detainees released a whistleblower video in the EU that exposes the secret prisons and torture methods. . The video is a shocking account of information never before released to the public. It is currently available on youtube ( The video has reached 13,000 views within 24 hours.


On the morning of October 13 Human Rights Watch issued a press release calling on the UAE authorities to immediately investigate credible allegations that state security officers have tortured detainees, including Salim Alaradi, and prosecute anyone responsible. The report can be found by clicking here.

McGeehan believes that the Canada can be doing more. In the EU round table he states that “they could be saying very publicly that they will not stand for their citizens being held in locations without legal assistance. They should be privately pushing for investigations into these allegations. But I think it’s time for them to be speaking out publicly.”

The Alaradi family calls on the Canadian Prime Minister, the Hon. Stephen Harper, to intervene for the immediate and safe return of Salim Alaradi. His medical condition is serious and his torture is confirmed. It is time he be reunited with this children.

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Human Rights Organization Reports:

HRW Report – October 13, 2014

Amnesty Urgent Action – April 17 2015

Amnesty Urgent Action – September 24, 2014

HRW Report – October 5, 2014



Between August and September 2014 the UAE Authorities detained 10 foreign business men of Libyan nationality.  These 10 include two Canadians and two Americans. Many of the detainees have lived in the UAE for over two decades and have contributed to its business community and are highly respected.

Amnesty International has issued two Urgent Actions and Human Rights Watch has also issued a report. They have defined the arrests as enforced disappearance and the detainments as incommunicado.

Detainees have been denied legal counsel and their families are not able to engage lawyers until the detainees are placed into the judicial system. Human rights organizations have suggested the arrests are politically motivated to place pressure on the Libyan government in which the UAE government does not support.

The UAE is in violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The detainees have been denied reasonable communication with their family members.

Family and friends began their campaign in April through social media and have gained significant following and support from Canadians from across the country.  Over 2500 Canadians have signed an online petition calling for Salim’s release.



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