Marwa Alaradi, daughter of Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi, publishes op-ed: “Downgrade of Charges or Obstruction of Justice?”

Announcement Date: March 23, 2016


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Media Update – March 23st 2016

 Marwa Alaradi, daughter of Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi, publishes op-ed: “Downgrade of Charges or Obstruction of Justice?”

Canadian Citizen Detained in United Arab Emirates for 574 Days

Marwa Alaradi, eldest daughter of Canadian citizen Salim Alaradi, has published an op-ed to shed light on the truth of what took place this week in her father’s case.

Much of the media called this downgrading a positive development, but is it really? This change by the prosecution is further confirmation of how hollow the case against my father really is. Why would they downgrade the charges if State Security was so confident that my father “confessed” to his crime?” says Marwa.

“Lawyers are confirming that this sudden change of events is only an attempt by the prosecution to force a guilty verdict and to deprive him of his innocence and freedom at all costs.”

Read more: Huffington Post – Downgrade of Charges or Obstruction of Justice?

 To understand the legal case watch this two minute video released by the ‘The Libyan Association for Victims of Torture and Enforced Disappearance in the UAE’.

Link to Video:

Other Media from This Week:

BBC World – UAE drops terrorism charges against Libyans

“Following Monday’s announcement, Mohamed Alaradi – who was detained alongside his brother for four months – told AP news agency that state prosecutors had “fabricated” the new charges to ensure a guilty verdict.”

The Guardian – UAE drops terror charges against US and Canadian businessmen over Libya links

“This change is not good,” said 18-year-old Marwa Alaradi. “How can a state security who held my father for 550 days, more than enough time to investigate, come at the end of the trial and change the whole charge?… So this charge or the old charge – it is all fabricated. The closer we get to his innocence, the more the UAE state security plays games with his freedom.”

Middle East Eye – UAE drops terrorism charges against Libyan nationals

“It was quite a dramatic turn of events,” (Paul) Champ said. “Mr Alaradi has been in prison for over 18 months. You would think that the state security prosecutor would know what kind of charges they’re pursuing after all this time… I think that the state security prosecutor was actually concerned that Mr Alaradi was going to be acquitted of these serious charges,” Champ said. “They’re changing track to try to salvage their case”

Windsor Star – Terrorism charges dropped, but Windsor man remains jailed in UAE

“(Paul) Champ described the reduced charges as a face-saving measure by the prosecution in a case that has garnered much international attention, as well as criticism of the UAE’s judicial system.”

ICLMG – Welcomes The United Arab Emirates Prosecution’s Decision To Drop The Terrorism Charges In The Case Of Canadian Citizen Salim Alaradi

“It is clearer today that the case fabricated by the State Security against Mr. Salim Alaradi is falling apart despite all the attempts of the prosecutor. Mr. Salim Alaradi has suffered from torture, solitary confinement and indefinite detention. The Canadian government has a moral obligation to put all its weight and demand nothing less than the immediate release of Mr. Salim Alaradi,” adds Monia Mazigh.

Vice News – Terror Charges Dropped Against Canadian Allegedly Tortured in the Emirates

“It shows that my father is innocent,” said Marwa Alaradi. “Of course it’s better than my father having terrorist charges, but I feel like they have changed the charges because they feel that my father is going to get an innocent verdict, so they just made up new charges, just to complicate things.”

Huffington Post – Salim Alaradi’s Terror Charges Dropped, Family Says

“It was a real dramatic turn,” said Paul Champ. “It seems that state security is trying to salvage this situation and save face when they know they really don’t have anything against these men.”

“I think the contrast between the human rights violations that are occurring against these men and the reputation that the U.A.E. likes to project to the world is really what’s on display here,” he said. “Hopefully we’re going to see a fair process the rest of the way here and Mr. Alaradi will be acquitted.”

CBC – Canadian Salim Alaradi has terrorism charges dropped in U.A.E.

“My dad’s not a terrorist. He’s a businessman. He has nothing to do with terrorist organizations,” she said. “I feel happy they’ve confirmed what I’ve been saying all this time, but feel bad because my father’s not getting a fair trial,” says Marwa Alaradi.

“With the men last week acquitted, it seemed the state security prosecutors were under a lot of pressure on what to do. Their case is falling in around them,” Paul Champ said.

98.5 – Les accusations de terrorisme contre Salim Alaradi ont été abandonnées aux ÉAU

“C’est un tournant spectaculaire. Il semble que la sécurité publique tente de rétablir la situation et de sauver la face quand elle voit qu’elle n’a vraiment rien contre ces homes”, a déclaré (Paul Champ ).

AP – Family: Charges in UAE against Canadian-Libyan man changed

“Before Monday’s developments, (Mohamed) Elaradi had told The Associated Press he was encouraged about the prospects of his brother’s release after two other Libyans were acquitted in court last week. He said a verdict in Alaradi’s case was expected next month.”

“This outcome has offered encouragement that the UAE judicial system has chosen in this case not to tolerate the state security’s approach of acting outside of the law,” Elaradi said. “This verdict has given us hope for a similar outcome in Salim’s case.”

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