Urgent Update - UAE Target Canadian Salim Alaradi’s Family in Response to Marwa’s Advocacy

Free Salim Alaradi Campaign

Urgent Update – October 31th, 2015


UAE Target Canadian Salim Alaradi’s Family in Response to Marwa’s Advocacy

Canadian Citizen Detained in UAE for 431 Days

Two days ago, on October 27th, UAE State Security called Salim Alaradi’s company and ordered them to shutdown operations within two days. They also notified them all visas for employees would be cancelled. When management requested to have this order submitted officially to them, the UAE the Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of Labour both said it is a State Security officials orders. This unaccountable interference by the State Security is only hurting the reputation of UAE as an investment safe haven.

Alaradi’s company has been operating in the UAE for years according to the law and without any disruption or restrictions. In fact, the company’s license was renewed months after his detainment.

Lawyers have advised that the closure of a company in the UAE by the state security is outside the law. Cancelling a business license must be done through the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labour or through a judicial ruling.

This recent reaction by the UAE is clearly retaliation to the humanitarian campaign that Marwa Alaradi has been running in Canada and internationally. Her recent visit to the EU has created substantial awareness and concern. A combination of Canadian, US, EU, UN and Libyan pressure has caused enough frustration causing more arbitrary actions by the UAE State Security without any accountability.

As a family we are committed to persist until Salim Alaradi, a Canadian citizen, come home safely. Our campaign has no intention of hurting the reputation of the UAE, its rulers or the good people.

“For me this news was scary. It meant that everything the UAE State Security has done to my father was not enough and now they want to hurt our family even more. But the good news is that I know my message is loud and clear,” says Marwa Alaradi, Salim’s eldest daughter.

A statement has been issued by the The Libyan Association for Victims of Torture and Enforced Disappearance in the UAE and can be found here http://freesalimalaradi.com/2015/11/01/the-united-arab-emirates-has-arbitrarily-shutdown-companies-owned-by-libyans-businessmen-currently-detained-and-released/.


Human Rights Organization Reports:

HRW Report - October 13, 2014

Amnesty Urgent Action – April 17 2015

Amnesty Urgent Action – September 24, 2014

HRW Report – October 5, 2014



Between August and September 2014 the UAE Authorities detained 10 foreign business men of Libyan nationality.  These 10 include two Canadians and two Americans. Many of the detainees have lived in the UAE for over two decades and have contributed to its business community and are highly respected.

Amnesty International has issued two Urgent Actions and Human Rights Watch has also issued a report. They have defined the arrests as enforced disappearance and the detainments as incommunicado.

Detainees have been denied legal counsel and their families are not able to engage lawyers until the detainees are placed into the judicial system. Human rights organizations have suggested the arrests are politically motivated to place pressure on the Libyan government in which the UAE government does not support.

The UAE is in violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The detainees have been denied reasonable communication with their family members.

Family and friends began their campaign in April through social media and have gained significant following and support from Canadians from across the country.  Over 2500 Canadians have signed an online petition calling for Salim’s release.


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