Detainment Conditions

To date, Salim has been unlawfully detained in the UAE for over 230 days. He was initially subjected to 114 days of solitary confinement in a cell without a bed or mattress but simply the bare concrete floor. His cell is monitored by cameras and is exposed to light 24 hours a day. On December 19, 2014 he was moved to a shared cell.

According to his brother Mohamad they were subjected to regular interrogation and torture. UAE authorities attempted to create in-existent ties between Mohamad and Salim with individuals who were known and unknown to them.  He was interrogated about his presumed support of the revolution and the current Libyan democratically-elected government.

Amnesty International has reported that UAE SSA officials generally arrest people without warrants, and then take them to unofficial secret detention facilities where they are kept for weeks or months without charge or access to legal representation. Detainees are often tortured or otherwise ill-treated.

Salim suffers from serious health conditions, some pre-existent and others due to the prison conditions. Salim suffers from asthma, high cholesterol and vulnerabilities due to an open-heart surgery. He has developed new conditions in his back, major weight loss, eye infection and bronchitis.  He is given minimal medical care.  The Canadian authorities have informed the family that they are seriously concerned about his health after seeing him in a recent visit.

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