Statement from the Family of Salim Alaradi - Detainee in the United Arab Emirates

Statement from the Family of Salim Alaradi - Detainee in the United Arab Emirates

Our family is grateful after being notified that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Authorities have decided to release our family member Mohamed Alaradi and three other Libyan businessmen after being detained for more than 120 days. This release has given our family hope that the remaining detainees including Salim Alaradi and this ordeal will come to end.

For the remaining detainees over 200 days have passed without any notification to their families of the reason for their detainment, if any charges exist, location of their detainment or the condition of their health. No communication has been allowed except for a brief phone call after 70 days.  Salim’s detainment clearly is enforced disappearance.

Today, marking 202 days of detainment, on behalf of Salim Alaradi our family is issuing the following statements:

  1. Salim has not had any political affiliation since the first day he entered into the UAE in 1992 nor prior to that.
  2. Salim has lived in the UAE on and off for over 20 years and has been respectful of all domestic laws in the UAE.
  3. Many respected members of the Libyan community in the UAE and other respected professionals and business men internationally can testify to Salim’s good character and relationships.
  4. We are extremely concerned about Salim’s health situation, particularly his existing medical conditions including diabetes, blood pressure, recent open-heart surgery, stomach problems, and issues in his spine. Salim was scheduled for an operation in Germany end of this year to resolve the issues in his back, neck and shoulder.
  5. Salim’s detention is arbitrary and the absence of any cause, lack of knowledge of his whereabouts and lack of knowledge of his health conditions is a matter of enforced disappearance, as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  6. We demand the UAE bring an end to Salim’s detainment and release him and the other detained Libyan businessmen immediately. We also call for Libyan and international governments and human rights organizations to demand for their immediate and unconditional release.
  7. For the last 200 days, our family has chosen to employ quiet diplomatic methods, including consular assistance, with the UAE Authorities in order to allow for a swift release. While we will continue to work through the appropriate channels and procedures to bring an end to this ordeal we can no longer remain silent.

Family of Salim Alaradi
March 17, 2015