Press Release - Salim Alaradi’s Detainment Renewed for 30 days – Renewal #11

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Press Release – July 28, 2015

Salim Alaradi’s Detainment Renewed for 30 days – Renewal #11
Canadian Citizen Detained in UAE for 335 Days

Today Salim Alaradi’s detainment has been renewed for the 11th time.  Alaradi’s detainment is renewed every 30 days by the UAE State Security Attorney.  Alaradi has not been allowed a lawyer or the ability to defend himself. He has not been charged to date and no accusations have been offered to the family or Canadian authorities. As well the Canadian Mission has not been extended permission to observe the renewal sessions.

Alaradi is a Canadian-Libyan citizen who has been unjustly and arbitrarily detained by the United Arab Emirates Security Services for over 335 days without any charges in the Wathba Prison in Abu Dhabi.  Alaradi is not allowed any communication with his family members.

The Canadian government and the international community should intervene for Alaradi’s immediate release.

Recent Media Coverage:

Human Rights Organization Reports:

Amnesty Urgent Action – April 17 2015

Amnesty Urgent Action – September 24, 2014

HRW Report – October 5, 2014


Between August and September 2014 the UAE Authorities detained 10 foreign business men of Libyan nationality.  These 10 include two Canadians and two Americans. Many of the detainees have lived in the UAE for over two decades and have contributed to its business community and are highly respected.

The UAE Authorities would not share the whereabouts of the detainees with their families for several months. No charges have been made and reasons for the detainment have not been provided to families or to the Libyan and Canadian authorities.

Amnesty International has issued two Urgent Actions, most recently in March of 2015. Human Rights Watch has also issued a report.

Detainees have been denied legal counsel and their families are not able to engage lawyers until the detainees are placed into the judicial system. Human rights organizations have suggested the arrests are politically motivated to place pressure on the Libyan government in which the UAE government does not support.

Family and friends began their campaign in April through social media and have gained significant following and support from Canadians from across the country.  Over 2500 Canadians have signed an online petition calling for Salim’s release.


For more information contact the Alaradi family at [email protected]

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