Official Statement by Libyan Businessmen Released in the UAE

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Statement No. (2)

We are Libyan businessmen who were released by the United Arab Emirates authorities from detention. Today we thank God for the grace of freedom he has given us after a bitter experience full of suffering. We were detained arbitrarily for more than 120 days, tortured, then forced to leave. Until this day we do not know the reason for the detention, or the reasons of the ill-treatment, or the reason for the deportation.

Despite the brutal torture and oppression, the enforced disappearance in secret prisons in the UAE, and despite the consequence of health and psychological problems and considerable material losses; we remain without any resentment towards the UAE Constitution and the laws of the State, we remain silent, and we continue to appeal for the calm and diplomatic resolution of this problem and for the release of the remaining Libyan nationals who are still languishing in prison.

As we recall our bitter experience bitter we are aware of what is happening with the remaining honorable Libyan businessmen detained in the UAE and we call for the UAE rulers, who do not accept injustice and oppression, to intervene for their immediate release for the mercy of their parents, their spouses and their children who, at the end of  the month of mercy and the coming of Eid al-Fitr, will be distressed without their loved ones who are being oppressed and forcibly detained for more than 320 days without any charge.

At this time we hold every Libyan official, without exception, legal and national responsibility for the release of the Libyan detainees. It is not permissible under any circumstance to withhold efforts within your duty which will be recorded in history.

As a result of the suffering and the critical state of health experienced by the detainees, we hold the authorities in the UAE and Libya responsible for the psychological, material and moral damages inflicted and for the continued suffering of these honorable men and their families, due to the unjust arbitrary detention and ill-treatment.

We also ask all human rights organizations, national and international, and all those concerned with human rights, to demand the UAE immediately and unconditionally release all Libyan businessmenwho have been forcibly detained.

The signatories:

Mohammed Al-Aradi

Al-Tahir Al-Kulghat

Raf’at Haddaqha

Bashir Al-Shabah